Project 53

Winter Up Here

The Anchorage Museum is creating new traditions during the holiday season. From rustic lakeside huts to designer tree houses, from saunas to village fish camps and smokehouses, Northerners are the masters of the wilderness cabin. Inspired by the cabin culture of the Circumpolar North, the Anchorage Museum, in collaboration with Intrinsic Landscapes, LLC, transformed the museum’s atrium into a cabin-themed environment that celebrates the holiday season in the North.

Winter Up Here plays on the simple joys inspired by being holed up in a winter cabin: stepping out and looking up at the night sky and aurora, the warmth of the fire, and the coziness of log wood walls. The exhibition brings the outdoors inside, creating a place for gathering, making, and enjoying the winter holiday season in the North. Visitors may make their own garland that can become part of the exhibition.