Project 44

Tent Camera Time Machine 1915

Michael Conti

Photo by Don Mohr

Artist Statement

While the Dena’ina people inhabited this region for thousands of years, the City of Anchorage began as a tent city to house Alaska Railroad workers 100 years ago.

Canvas wall tents are still in use as temporary shelters for hunters, researchers and adventurers, allowing people to stay warm and dry in the wild.

As a celebration of the city of Anchorage’s century of incorporation, this tent has been transformed into a time machine through the magic of physics and optics.

Step inside this canvas wall tent, similar to those used by Alaska Railroad workers in 1915, and be transported through imagery projected on the inside of the tent. Stay and let your eyes adjust to the dim traces of the immediate moment, upside down and reversed.

Make traces of your visit to the past and present on the paper provided. Leave your drawings for display or take them with you as a memory of your journey.

— Michael Conti 2015