Project 16

Over Beyond Across Through

The Light Brigade

Photograph by Nicholas Bradford

A collective of independent artists, dancers and rock climbers worked for months in 2013 to stage an urban art intervention that transformed the glass façade of the Anchorage Museum into a vertical multi-media stage and outdoor performance. Dancers rappelled down the building to perform, suspended in chill autumn darkness, original musical and sonic soundscapes, projections, and choreography, in a large-scale, one-time Fall Equinox extravaganza enjoyed by an audience of approximately 3,500.

The event, conceived and executed by the Light Brigade, in partnership with Momentum Dance Collective, and the Anchorage Museum, was called Over Beyond Across Through, taken from the definition of the prefix “trans-”. The name harkens back to four preliminary Light Brigade interventions that started with that prefix: Transactions, Transitions, Transfixion and Transposition.

Light Brigade artists are based in Anchorage and design and execute multimedia urban art interventions in the built and natural environment. Their work is decidedly site specific and ephemeral. The Light Brigade “Core4” collaborators are Sheila Wyne, a visual artist; photographer Nicholas Bradford; writer and organizer Bruce Farnsworth; and choreographer and dancer Becky Kendall. The Light Brigade works in the hacker tradition, interrupting and disrupting the normal flow of events.