Project 51

Outdoor series

Redington Collection, Anchorage Museum, B2006.023.2772

Things Lost and Found

An item lost on the trail can range from a small inconvenience to a life-threatening situation. Whether it's a jacket or your mind, we've all cursed the gods of lost goods. But what's lost may not always be gone, and what's found can be just as interesting. As a part of the Polar Nights series, Alaska wilderness adventurers Roman Dial and Luc Mehl and shared their stories.


Pack Hacks

How do you pack for an epic trek? Local experts offered tips and tricks on how to pack before you head out as a part of the Polar Nights Series.


Campstove Cook Off

It can be difficult to cook a gourmet meal in the wilderness. With a single burner and an ultra-light pack, pre-packaged meals used to result in less than desirable dinners, but that’s changing. Watch backcountry experts flaunt their gastronomy skills and pick up some tips for your next trip.

As a part of the Polar Nights series in September, 2015, a cadre of cooks showed off their tricks for creating good eats in the middle of nowhere. Each wilderness chef had 45 minutes to impress a panel of judges with a meal cooked for two.


From airplanes to snow machines, combustion engines have revolutionized the way Alaskans travel, hunt, and recreate by carrying us further and faster than ever before. As a part of the Polar Nights series we offer a salute to all the engines that help power our outdoor adventures.