Project 32

It Could Go Either Way

Mariam Ghani + Erin Ellen Kelly

Video still from "Fugitive Refrains," 2006-07. Courtesy the artists and Ryan Lee Gallery.

It Could Go Either Way is an exhibition consisting of six videos collaboratively produced by New York-based artist Mariam Ghani and dance-choreographer Erin Ellen Kelly over the last eight years. Their work synthesizes Ghani’s interest in architecture, literature, and history with Kelly’s exploration of the politics of movement and the transformative nature of performance, allowing parallels within the videos to seamlessly unfold.

One of the recurring motifs in this series of videos is a thoughtful consideration of place. In particular, Ghani and Kelly often focus on the relationship between natural and constructed environments, or between the history of a site and its current condition or use, while also considering the phenomenology of place as experienced through and reproduced by the performing body.

Each project is centered on a single location or set of locations linked by a common history, context, or theme. Referred to by the artists as “performed places,” their videos are meditations on landscape, the human condition, and the passing of time.

Through dialogue with the artists, scores for the videos were created by composers Qasim Naqvi and Aaron Taylor Kuffner.

This exhibition was curated by Amy Mackie, a former Anchorage resident.