Project 45

Glacier Conference

The Anchorage Museum hosted events in collaboration with the GLACIER (Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience) Conference, an event held in Anchorage Aug. 30-31 by the U.S. Department of State to broaden awareness of critical issues the international community faces in the Arctic. Approximately 150 foreign ministers and 300 members of the international press attended the conference, with President Barack Obama giving closing remarks. The Anchorage Museum has has created multiple exhibitions and programs focused on the contemporary and future Arctic as part of its Polar Lab programming and is home to the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. The museum is provided cultural context for GLACIER and was a venue for official activities around the conference. “This is a distinct opportunity to see cooperation from many members of the Alaska and international community; a chance for Anchorage to celebrate its place in the world while international attention is turned to it," said Anchorage Museum Director and CEO Julie Decker. “We can change the narrative about Anchorage from a that of a frontier town to one of a pivotal, vibrant city poised to participate in global discussions about the future of the Arctic and its impact on the rest of the world.”

Arctic August

A celebration of life in the North on the museum lawn, Arctic August featured live music headlined by Pamyua, including the Sociables featuring Melissa Mitchell and Nervis Rex; cooking demonstrations and samples provided by the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and Alaska Grown.